Monday, June 3, 2013

Tess + Codi | Wedding | Derby, KS | Rose Wheat Photography

It was a set-up. Their friends threw them into a date together, thinking they would be a good fit. Tess insisted it be a double date---and thankfully so as Codi didn't say a word to her the entire time. She left the date confused but mostly thinking they must not be a good fit for each other. Later she gets a message from him, explaining that not only was he interested in talking to her, but he liked her. He like really liked her. She soon found out that Codi had been interested in her long before they went on a date together. It wasn't long before everything just clicked.

They are both beautifully transparent and honest with one another with a keen sense for fashion. Those two factors made for both a tastefully styled and a truly emotional wedding. No one attending could deny the love they have for each other, and it only made everyone else that much more happy to see them covenant to life as one.

Tess and Codi, it has been such a pleasure being able to walk with you through engagement up to your wedding, and I'm sad that it's over. However, I'm so happy for you because you're finally married and finally honeymooning in San Diego (where you'll living it up, I'm sure)! I hope that it is everything you hoped for and more. :)

Their wedding was held at the Round Barn Ranch just outside of Derby, KS.

Tess' bridesmaids love her, almost as much as Codi. They were so happy to see their friend getting married.

These two kill me. They make pretty look so easy.

I love that they had an Instagram hashtag for the wedding! It made for a fun to way to go back and look at everyone else's perspectives from the day.

After their first dance, everyone let loose. It was clear that people were chomping at the bit to celebrate with these two!

As they left their reception, their guests lined up and threw helicopter seeds at them. It was such a creative and personal idea for the two of them.

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