Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sarah | Portraits | Manhattan, KS | Rose Wheat Photography

After The Siders family session, Sarah and I ran off to take some photos of our own. Since she is coming into her own as a writer, she figured she needed some new headshots to make sure her readers could connect a face to words. It was pretty easy photographing someone with so much vigor for life. A born visionary, Sarah is chalk-full of brilliant ideas. In fact, if you're looking for one, feel free to ask her. When she's not becoming a better pastor's wife, working her 9-5, growing a pastor herself, and running around as mom, she's writing about everything from her Monday afternoon lunch to fighting for justice. Be sure to catch her latest work to see what I'm talking about.

She was ready and willing to laugh for me, as ridiculous as it felt. There were bicyclists whizzing by and the random bearded man, but she managed to be her best model. 

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  1. The third to last one is my very favorite, so genuine! :)