Monday, December 10, 2012

Stephanie + Patrick | Engagement | Manhattan, KS | Rose Wheat Photography

While the weather outside was quite frightful in Manhattan yesterday (think blustery, breezy, freezy, coldness), Stephanie and Patrick managed to warm up the photos by being adorable and loverly for an hour and a half. In search of green, we headed to KSU Gardens. Then halfway through our shoot, in an attempt to regain feeling in our phalanges,  we headed to Varsity Donuts. There we washed ourselves in some of the best natural light in town and then grabbed a tiny but sinful snack togo. We finished up our little session at the Hilton Parking Garage. Oh yeah, keeping it classy Manhattan. While it was considerably less warm than I anticipated, it allotted for some wonderfully model-esque winds.

Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa, and take a stroll through a wintery Sunday afternoon engagement session with Rose Wheat Photography. Oh yeah, and be sure to let Stephanie and Patrick know just how good they look! :)

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