Monday, December 5, 2011

The Sheas ::: Family Session

Let me introduce to you the Shea family. They came into my life earlier this year, and I was immediately attracted them as they were dual-wielding car seats while they were leaving church. It is a rare sight, but my curiosity was immediately struck. While getting quickly introduced to Autumn and Brian, I met the seat-dwellers: Mia and Mason. Together they form this adorable familia, that I had the pleasure of photographing last week before the wind got too cold and the snow got too deep (not that it has snowed yet... I'm just sayin). 

Enjoy this bit of family fun with a dreamer, a dandy, a dancer, and a daddy.


  1. Oh! My! Gosh! How cute are these? Your kids are adorable - love those super blue eyes. These pictures are incredible.

  2. Emma- these are a true treasure for me. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your intro paragraph, too! You've really captured us both in photo and words. :-) I'm so excited to have you in my life!